Vision & Mission



God’s Word Be All To All.


Collaborating and Networking for Effective Bible Apostolate in India, in Biblical-Pastoral Formation, Bible Translation and Distribution, and Bible Celebration and Inculturation.

III. Goals & Objectives
A : Goal I. Committed and competent ministers prepared by St. Paul’s Bible College function as ambassadors of the word of God in the regions, and in the dioceses.

Objectives :
1. Developing St. Paul’s Bible College as a national resource and training Bible Institute, having extension centres in 14 regions.
2. Preparing resource materials, curriculum, programs/courses, and tool kits for biblical-pastoral animation.
3. Training volunteers to become ambassadors of the word of God

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
i. By 2027, St. Paul’s Bible College offers Diploma and Certificate courses in Bible and its interpretation and existing diploma and certificate courses are regulated.
ii. By 2028, extension centres are created in all the 14 regions, with Regional Secretaries as their Administrators.
iv. By 2029, resources materials for different celebrations of the word of God are made available.
v. By 2030, 60 dioceses will have 600 trained personnel for Biblical Pastoral Ministry.

B : Goal II. Word of God is appreciated as life-giving source of living our faith, manifested in every action.
Objectives :
1. Promoting a culture of reading and reflection of the Bible in families, and in parish associations.
2. Organising formal and informal reflection sessions in the parishes/villages to interface Biblical narratives with concrete life realities.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
i. By 2025 a Handbook on Biblical Pastoral Animation will be prepared in English and be made available to the parishes.
ii. By 2028, all families will have Bible in their homes and by 2030, the entire Bible is read once by 60% of the families.
iii. By 2028, the entire Bible is read once in common by all parish entities followed by common reflections (Parish councils, associations, etc.)
iv. From 2029, once a month during Sunday masses one or two faithful share their life stories connecting them with the Bible.