Report of the Celebration of Bible

A Report of the Celebration of Bible Sunday 2020

The Diocese of Jalandhar celebrated the Bible Sunday 2020 on 27th September 2020 with the theme “Bible: The Book of God’s People.” Prior to the Bible Sunday, two days were dedicated to the reading of the whole Bible in the entire Diocese. Small portions of the biblical texts were distributed among the Religious, the Catechists and the Minor Seminarians. Many parishes took keen interest in the reading of the complete Bible. A few chapters of each book of the Bible were divided among various wards within the parishes. Moreover, a non-stop reading of the Word of God was carried out in a number of parishes.

The liturgical celebration of the Bible Sunday was marked with the Bible procession and the enthronement of the Bible. Various parishes organized the reading of the Bible in the parish churches after the Holy Eucharist.

- Fr. Antony Khokhar
Executive Secretary,
Bible Commission, Diocese of Jalandhar