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Bihar Region Meet

Rev. Fr. Yesu Karunanidhi, Executive Secretary, visited the regional secretary and the diocesan secretaries of the Bihar Region on 11-12 February 2023, at Navjyoti Niketan, Regional Pastoral Centre, Patna. The meeting was held as two events: (i) Meeting with the Diocesan Secretaries and the Biblical Commission Members; and (ii) Seminar on ‘Family in the Bible, and Bible in the Family’ for the ministers of the word of God in the Bihar Region. Thanks to Most Rev. Cajetan Francis Osta, and Rev. Fr. Isidore Dominic for organising it.

Commission's Goals for Mar - Apr 2023
(1) Preparing SWOT analysis of the Commission for the presentation at the CCBI Strategic Planning Meet; (2) Report to the CBF on the activities and plans of the Institute’ (3) Visit to Hebrew University, École Biblique, and PIB, Jerusalem to find areas for collaboration; (4) Most Rev. Antonysamy Peter Abir, Chairman, presents a paper at the CBF Plenary Assembly, Argentina on ‘Proclaiming the Word: Gift of Life for a Fragile World; (5) Online Lecture - 10 on 11 Mar 2023, Online Lecture - 11 on 22 Apr 2023; (6) Quarterly meeting of the Regional Secretaries, and visits to the Karnataka, and Odisha Regions.

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